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Polarpupsamoyeds began over 30 years ago, while driving through West Palm Beach, Fla . My husband, David and I were stopped at a busy intersection when a young, lost Irish Setter walked in front of our van. Worried he would be struck by a motorist, we opened the door and he jumped right in. With no collar or tag we decided since we were about 5-6 blocks from the local S.P.C.A we would make a detour and drop him off. At least he would be safe and the staff would reunite him with his owner.  The last thing we thought we needed that day was another dog. Little did we know our lives were about to be changed forever. Once we had dropped off our new friend, we took a few moments to walk through the facility. And that's when it all started. Sitting in a cage all by himself was the cutest sweetest friendliest looking ball of white fur we had ever seen. The tail never stopped wagging and the smile was to die for. Little did we know what had just happened to us. To ice the deal, he started to "talk". Neither of us had ever had a dog just start "talking". The woo-wooing with the tail constantly wagging along with the constant smile was just too much.
Within minutes we gave in and let him adopt us.
That was the beginning of our life with Samoyeds. Mr. Bear stayed with us for the next 16 years and we now joke that he taught us both how to speak "Samoyed". He taught us how loving and caring a dog could be. He was intelligent, caring, playful and always a friend and companion. Grab the car keys and the foot race to the door was on. Wake up in the middle of the night and decide on a snack and he would be at your side. Boy did he like ice cream. Best refrigerator guard we'd ever seen.
Next came Charlie. A lovable puppy that became moms pride and joy. Absolutely inseparable for 14 years. It seems Charlie developed this "mindset" that mom just couldn't do anything or go anywhere without him. Charlie wasn't a show dog. He was however very content to spent everyday of his life being mom's best friend. A feat, I might add, he accomplished admirably.
Shortly after Charlie moved in, we had the opportunity to acquire a finished champion Samoyed, Champion Iceways, Social Has Status. He came to us a little over 2 years old.  "Social"  we thought, would love to go to shows and continue his career in the ring. At the first show we entered, it was painfully evident that he simply didn't want to be there. As far as he was concerned he was done. So, for the next 13 years he just became one of the family.
Our original boys have all gone but the memories remain strong. They haven't been "replaced" because from our experience, we've found that each and every dog is totally unique. The only common element that seems to be true throughout the breed is an insatiable fondness for ice cream.
Popsicles are always in high demand too. We now have 4 Sam's. 3 boys and a young lady. Each has a strong personality and character all their own.  I think it's safe to say that Samoyeds, as a breed, have a uniqness that makes every dog a little different. They are extremely expressive and thrive on interaction. Our dogs are all family and live in our home. Of course we have crates for the rare times when they need to be separated but for the most part we live together as one big family.
Mommy's "Charlie" 



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